What We Are About

bobFirst things first...

Rob Judge and Bobby Rio are about helping men meet, date, and attract that one girl you really want.

Here’s what we are NOT about:

  • Misogynist attitudes towards women
  • Using games or manipulation to have sex
  • Anything that demeans or mistreats women.
  • Coercing women into unwanted sex

If that’s for you, get the hell off our site right now.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge LOVE and RESPECT women. And our material is ONLY for men who feel the same way.

Some people wonder, “why is your program called “Unlock The Scrambler” if you’re not promoting sex.

We are promoting sexual attraction and intimacy, but only in the context of a man and woman who share a mutual interest, attraction, and desire for each other.

Sex is what ultimately consummates a committed relationship.

“Unlock The Scrambler” is clever play on words, and by no means insinuates aggressive behavior towards women.

We are here to help men who like, cherish, and RESPECT women.

If that is you, we’d love to help you attract your “dream girl.”